Monday, October 5, 2009

A new stuffy playmate.

Before I begin, let me say that yesterday I was present at the Blessing of the Animals celebrating the Feast of Saint Francis. And I was actually blessed, along with my sissy, Asta, and a gazillion other dogs, some cats, at least one bird, a giant rabbit and two ferrets. Here I am waiting for my blessing. (My mom’s camera isn’t nearly as good as Asta’s mom’s camera, so I refer you to Asta’s blog to check out the fabulous event.)

And now for a few words on welcoming stuffies.

My mom left a new little friend on the kitchen counter. I’m sure she meant to give it to me, but evidently she forgot. It’s obvious from the look of her that this nice looking chx wants to meet me.

Step 1. Look nonchalant and say hello.
Hello! I say, helloooo! Or as Tanner would say, Wassssuuuup!

Step 2. Convince your new playmate that it’s perfectly safe to come on down and play. It may take a bit of smooth talking, but gradually you will instill confidence.

Step 3. Play hard1 Have fun! Life is short. (Not to worry. I have a sissy who is an expert at suwgewy.)