Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving wishes

As you probably know from reading Asta's post, I am in Norf Carolina for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I want to wish all my friends (both four and two leggers) a wonderful, warm, lovingly tranquil Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good-Bye Sweet Snickers.

Our hearts go out to her loving family.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Meet my morning mates.

This is from left to right: Chanel, she’s one year old and just passed a course to be a therapy dog; Luke, he’s five monfths old and an Australian shepherd; at the end is Clara, a swell Samoyed. Clara isn’t there every morning, but she’s the best sport for letting me bite her ears.

Every morning my mom and my pup’s peeps hang out in Washington Square Park. There is a dog run there, which I go to sometimes at lunch, but in the morning my friends and I hang out in front of the fountain. So we need to be on leash, except for Luke, who comes when he’s called. Mom seems to think I would bolt if I saw a squirrel or another dog across the street. Sheesh! (Don’t tell her but she’s probably right). Anyway, the leashes don’t seem to inhibit our play.

Mom says sometimes we really look like a pack of wolves.

Don’t let that little Luke fool you, he has razor sharp shark teeth and can take care of himself. Besides, he will soon be twice the size he is now, so I better get my licks in while I can.

And mild-mannered, therapy dog Chanel has quite a not-so-tame play personality.

Fall mornings wouldn’t be complete without breakfast. Chanel and I must have cleaned the park of about a bushel of leaves by now.

Enjoy the season!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Hi to everyone. I haven’t been around for a while ‘cause my mom was out of sorts. I told her I’d go out and get her some, but that idea went nowhere. Anyway, I’m happy to be back, especially because yesterday was Halloween and my sissy Asta and I went to a Halloween party together—my first one ever. (If you haven’t already, check out Asta’s blog for lots of great pics.)

The whole neighborhood was in a fine, haunting mood. We passed some spooky stuff on the way to the party.

And the whole run was transformed into a spooky place, with ghosts,

witches, bats, mice

and other scary stuff

But the best part were the costumes. Everyone got a picture taken when they arrived.

Here’s a photo of my sissy, Little Red Riding Hoodie, and me the Big Bad Wolf. A great pair if I say so myself. Bet I fooled you with the granny outfit. Hehehe.

Embarrassed as I was to wear the granny gown and nightcap, I have to admit, it was a pretty successful outfit.

And after the party, every dog got a goodie bag with loads of swell stuff.

What a terrific party! Hope you all had a fun Halloween with more treats than tricks.